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Hello, let me introduce myself.

I am currently a freelance designer and work for a french label: Labo T. However, I am also an industrial designer by training.

This training began with a technical course in industrial design, including theoretical mechanics, the study of mechanical technologies and materials science. Then, I continued with a course in industrial product design, more access to the artistic side of the profession, with courses in applied arts, study of materials, analysis of trends and needs, and even graphics.

During these trainings, I participated and won various design competitions: 1st prize in the JClighting urban lighting competition (Aix-en-Provence, France), 2nd prize in the EcoPSE industrial packaging competition (Paris, France) or still 5th in the DTSWISS Ready to Paint industrial graphics competition.

Passionate about drawing, product design (with a preference for lighting design) and problem solving. My skills in mechanical conception and design allow me to produce aesthetic and innovative products. Nevertheless, being concerned about the environmental consequences due to overconsumption and mass production, I always try to design my projects with an eco-responsible approach, as much as possible, to ensure the product a “clean” life cycle.

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