For this competition, and in the category Design Packaging, the demand was the following:
How to stimulate the act of purchase to consumers through a packaging Bordeaux Rosé seductive and innovative?

It was necessary to imagine the design and packaging (innovative, original, connected ...) of the container Bordeaux Rosé of our choice: magnum, bottle 75 cl, BIB (bag in box).

Wine bottle presentation

The new rosé bottle, "L'Autre Rosé" , has a new cap system that gives it the ability to open and close easily, without corkscrew and at any time.

Graphics explanation

This new coating covers practically the whole bottle, except for a part of the bottom.It's in full color silver, the textual and graphic areas are printed in transparency to reveal the color of the wine.

The visual represents the different Bordeaux varieties in a minimalist style thanks to graphic frames.

Quick opening user manual
bootle wine situation

This new bottle concept, to be used as a gourd, is ideal for the summer, and all the moments of consumption that this season implies.It makes it possible to consume "L'Autre Rosé" in a spontaneous way , no need to provide corkscrew.

It will be the instinctive choice of the faithful consumers, during the summer periods, thanks to its modern and minimalist look, and its integrated corkscrew.

Client: Bordeaux Rosé Date: April 2017

Service: Product design, Packaging