This end-of-study project was carried out in collaboration with the association Les Détritivores.

A unique association in Bordeaux (France) that collects bio-waste directly from those who produce them, collective restaurants or large restaurateurs producing about 10 tons of waste per year.Subsequently, these bio-wastes are brought to composting.

The Détritivores want to integrate the principle of vermi-composting ( compost by worms) in individuals, and thus reduce the environmental impact of each, via the direct recycling of our bio-waste.

vermicomposter presentation

We have developed an indoor vermicomposter allowing to compost the totality of the organics wastes produced by a person.

Moreover, it offers the possibility, thanks to its outer container fed with compost, to grow greasy plants (ease of cultivation in apartment) that have the capacity to purify the air of the interiors (English Ivy, Lily of Peace, Dragon tree ...)

unique vermicomposter situation

The hexagonal form of this composter gives it the ability to modulate itself according to the number of persons making up the family.

Vermicomposters association

As a result, it can also allow users to create plant compositions in them, partitions or plant islets.

production virtuous circle

Our project is part of a social and ecological approach, both in its life cycle and in its daily use.

Client: Les Détritivores Date: May 2017

Service: Product design, Social Design, Eco-Conception, Engineering, Innovative solutions