Nowadays, the population is growing, as well as the size of cities. However, the development of cities is expensive and time consuming, which creates problems of places in urban spaces. The population, especially 18-35 year olds, has difficulty finding housing and must therefore be satisfied with small spaces, sometimes very small, or must share the living space with third parties.

From this observation, we wanted to work on this lack of space in housing, to minimize and improve the clutter of furniture to gain living space.

To respond to needs, we created Flip Flap, a comfortable, multifunctional low chair with clean lines and noble materials.

FlipfLap armchair presentation


The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis chair is to offer a relaxing moment, as well alone, thanks to its comfortable ergonomics, its hanging frame and soft cushions. The suspended frame, made of a curved aluminum tube, gives a spring effect that allows the body to position itself perfectly.

Alone use of the chair


Flip Flap also has the ability to unfold to offer users two low-floor seats, like a deckchair, to relax with two.

Chair unfolding diagram
Two-person use of the chair

At first, the two armrests pivot around an inclined axis, to abut on the floor and offer a perfect inclination for the back.

Then, the armrest is shared by falling and reveals the seat flush floor.

The cushions of the wooden seat are used in cushion wedge kidneys and let the seat become a side table. Perfect for an aperitif or a card game and therefore a successful moment of relaxation.


How it works : materials and shape
How it works: materials and shape

Client: Andreu World Date: 2017

Service: Furniture design, Engineering, Trend analysis