For the desired clientele, the current X2 CC mountain bike is not suitable because of its rear motor: a bicycle for extensive touring use must have a crank motor, therefore a higher price, and a more responsive geometry.

The engine in question ( Shimano E8000 ) is part of a new series of components for electric mountain bikes produced by Shimano. A new motor, a new 500Wh battery, a new display and new mechanical components, all designed for use on electric mountain bikes.

Man and woman bicycle frame

The concept chosen is a frame, with a lower center of gravity for more responsiveness, which allows it to be declined in a male or female model by simply removing the upper tube. Save time and money in terms of production.

Shape description

The different finishes are worked in such a way as to have an aesthetic consistency throughout the bike.

The tube assemblies are made in such a way that they follow the different lines of the frame.

Man and woman shape presentation

The frame tubes have sections including light edges, giving a dynamic effect to the bike in motion.

Client: Flying Cat Date: September 2017

Service: Product Design, Engineering, Industrial Design, Trend Analysis