For this contest, candidates were asked to develop a project around a modern and creative use of materials: solid wood, metal, foam, textiles, etc.

This reflection had to be carried out taking into account the evolutionof lifestyles and the way in which it impacts housing: nomadism, dematerialization of products, connected life, home office, etc.

The phenomenon of electrical overconsumption in the big cities leads to a luminous pollution which has never been more important.It's such that it's no more possible for us to contemplate a starry night.

Pixel light presentation
Pixel light assembly
Mural pixel light assembly

Pixel is a fun light made up of a multitude of luminous modules, to be assembled, allowing an infinite number of possibilities to create its customized light.

user manual
user manual

The first cube in the chain comes on with an on / off button . It allows you to use a single cube at a time. The magnetized frame allows another cube to magnetize via the opaque face.The contact turns on the next cube and so on.

Pixel light animation

Pixel takes itself in the hand, and assembled and disassembled itself at will.

Client: Cinna Date: February 2016

Service: Product design, Lighting Design, Engineering, Innovative Solutions