The competition offered several categories, including the consumer products category. Products that increase quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, or while traveling.

Lumen light presentation

Lumen is a living light that grows and evolves. And thanks to a bioluminescent organism that can positively influence our daily lives.

This bioluminescent organism is a fungus, pannellus stipticus . He needs moisture and dead wood to feed himself. The cultivation of this fungus is therefore within the reach of all.

Hanging Lumen light situation
Auxiliary Lumen light situation

It allows, at the same time, to reduce, in terms, the overconsumption of electricity, at times when the main light of the habitat is dispensable.But also to have an impact on our brain activity thanks to its luminotherapeutic property.It has been observed that the green - blue light spectrum stimulates the cognitive functions of the brain: memory, attention, visio - spatial functions, ...

Lumen light animation

This light has been designed to be placed on the ground without any risk of rolling, thanks to a flat shape present on the end of the body in ABS, or hung from the ceiling, thanks to a fabric tie concealed in the ABS body.

The design of this culture box, both contemporary and minimalist, reminding us of a light bulb, was designed to make the link with the function of this object: to illuminate.

Client: Tech Briefs Date: September 2016

Service: Product Design, Lighting Design, Engineering, Innovative solutions, Eco-conception