JCL Lighting launched this contest with the aim of modernizing the traditional French urban lighting: the lantern .

Delicata lamppost on pole presentation
Hanging Delicata lamppost presentation
Delicata light Day street view
Delicata light night street view

The Delicata is the evolution of the lantern known to all. It is a graphic declination that returns a symbolic image of the lantern, the French public lighting. Day and night, the Delicata retains the traditional form known to all. It's in movement that we perceive the fineness and the modernism of the lantern of the 21st century.

It combines modernity , due to its refined form, and tradition, with the graphic interpretation of the classic lantern.

Delicata reflects the graphic evolution of the world around us.

Client: JCL Lighting ( 1st price ) Date: May 2014

Service: Industrial Design, Lighting Design, Innovative Solutions, Trend Analysis